Demetris Avraam

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Social Analytics and Networks Research Group led by Dr Christos Nicolaides (Department of Business and Public Administration, University of Cyprus) and at the Data to Knowledge Research Group led by Prof Paul Burton (Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University).

Below is an overview display of my main research interests:


Mathematical Epidemiology

I am interested in exploring the dynamics of infectious diseases transmissions within networks of connected individuals. My current focus is on the exploration of the impact of hand-hygiene behavioral changes and mitigation strategies against the global spread of epidemics through the air-transportation network. I am also interested in analyzing the social influence, peer effects and the causal influence of digital nudges on hand-washing activity of air travelers as well as the mechanism on health-enhancing human behavior change.


Personal Data Protection

I am working on the development of techniques and software tools for data anonymisation, data synthesis, secure data analysis and secure multi-party computations. This development has several applications across all areas of sciences where data are sensitive either for reasons of governance or for intellectual property. I am a core developer of DataSHIELD, a software infrastructure which enables privacy-preserving analysis of individual-level data warehoused in a centralized repository or secure federated analysis of data from multiple data-sources without physically pooling, sharing or disclosing the data.


Seeing is believing

Data visualizations are used in all the scientific disciplines as graphics are informative for the statistical properties, relationships and other attributes of the underlying data. A part of my research focuses on the development of methods for generating graphical representations of BIG, complex and sensitive data and for generating visualizations of research outcomes in Virtual Reality settings.


Mathematical Biology

Mathematical equations can explain and describe several processes and phenomena of Biology. I am interested in mathematical modelling of pattern formations, cells proliferation and transitions, evolution of chromosome recombination and dynamics of ageing and mortality.


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If you are interested to discuss any of the above projects please contact me by email at