We study the interplay between structure and dynamics in socio-technical networks. We apply our theoretical, empirical and experimental approaches to understand contagion processes in social networks with applications to Management, Marketing and Psychology.

Recent News


[Dec 3-7, 2018] Demetris Avraam and Kyriacos Vitalis participated in the 146th European Study Group with Industry / Co-creation Event with Society (2nd CY Study Group) held at the University of Cyprus.

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[Nov 21, 2018] Demetris Avraam and Christos Nicolaides work on hand-hygiene mitigation strategies against the spread of diseases through the air-transportation network is featured at the International Airport Review and at the University of Cyprus News Office (greek).

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[Nov 6-8, 2018] Christos Nicolaides and Demetris Avraam attended the annual conference of DataSHIELD project in Newcastle, UK.

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[Oct 5-6, 2018] Christos Nicolaides presented his work on “Social Influence and Habits in Exercise: A Field Experiment” at the Advancements in Field Experiments conference at Boston University.

Social Analytics and Networks Lab meeting schedule (Fall 2018):