Principal Investigator


Christos Nicolaides

I am a physicist with strong interest in data analytics. My research focuses on advancing our fundamental understanding and predictive capabilities of human behavior in online and offline networks. Research in my group combines theory, simulations and randomized experiments that elucidate fundamental aspects of human behavior in the digital age.

Postdoctoral Associates


Demetris Avraam

I am a mathematician with interest in applying mathematics and data sciences in the disciplines of social sciences, biology, and medicine. My work focuses on applications of network sciences, on modelling in epidemiology, developmental biology and ageing, on data protection, synthesis, analytics and visualizations, and on secure multi-party computations.


Julia Kampani

I am a social scientist, specializing in social media marketing and word-of-mouth. My research focuses on how electronic word-of-mouth is generated and spreads as a result of digital advertising. Using Natural Language Processing and Network Text Analysis on millions of online reviews, my current research explores audience consensus on movie trailers.


Ioulia Televantou

I am a mathematician with expertise in the application of statistics in social sciences, education and psychology. My research interests concern the application of advance quantitative techniques for the assessment of peer effects and contextual influences on cognitive and affective domains in childhood and adolescence. For the purposes of my current research project, I am addressing social influence on habitual exercise behavior with the use of social analytic tools.


Kyriacos Vitalis

I am a physicist who enjoys developing theory work (modeling and simulations) with potential real-world applications. In addition, I am a Data and Network Sciences enthusiast aiming to their application into the study of Social Influence in Online Networks and Digital Marketing.

PhD Students

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Giorgos Giallouros

I am an epidemiologist and a bio-statistician with a special interest in applied methods of cost-effectiveness analysis in the public health setting. Up to now, my work focused on applications of statistical methods for epidemiological research, as well as simulations and modelling for health impact assessment studies. Currently I am pursuing a PhD with a focus in applied methods for economic evaluations of health interventions/services.

Research Affiliates

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Christos Ellinas

I am an engineer with a broad interest in the application of network science to (project) risk management, and related challenges, with publications in a range of domains from physics and engineering to management. I am an EPSRC fellow at University of Bristol (UK) and was a Visiting Professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology (USA). I have co-founded a VC-backed start-up which focuses on the application of network-based tools for improving project delivery.